Sheards Accountants

Brand strategy & brand evolution for accountancy practice, Sheards


Sheards is a leading accountancy practice in West Yorkshire offering accountancy and business advice. They have have a great reputation, 120 years of brand heritage and strong client relationships. They were already very good at marketing their services but wanted to elevate their brand to attract, convert and retain more customers and promote what makes them different. Their goal was to become the ‘go-to’ accountancy practice, grow their practice and increase brand value.


We began with a customer survey analysing existing brand perceptions, gaining useful insights and customer comments that could be turned into testimonials. Next, we gathered the internal insights through a brand strategy workshop with the senior management team and developed a full brand strategy.

Brand strategy included:

  • Sheards ideal customer persona – who they are, their challenges, values, objections & what we can do to attract, convert and retain them
  • Brand values – what Sheards stand for & what customers should feel through every interaction
  • Brand purpose – the Sheards cause
  • Brand promise – what their customers should expect from choosing them
  • Points of difference – so we can create market standout & communicate why their customers should choose them
  • Brand personality – the brand traits they want to be known for
  • Brand archetype – the one defining personality type that all their customers will understand, making them ‘get’ and like the brand
  • Brand touchpoints plan – how can we nurture customer through every stage
  • Marketing audit – a full marketing audit evaluating all their existing marketing against the brand strategy findings and making recommendations for improvements

Brand transformation:

For Sheards, the advice was to lean harder into their existing promise – the friendly face of accountancy. The website was already very good but we needed to update the copy to bring it in line with the tone of voice. We also worked with their existing design agency to develop new images that simplified their message and used them across all their channels.

New assets were created including:

  • New copy to be used across each channel
  • Company brochure and core services literature including management accounts and forecasts, landlords, bookkeeping, payroll and CIS
  • Website graphics
  • Social media templates
  • Social media content plans
  • Sales proposal templates (for new and existing clients)

We continue to support the Sheards team to implement marketing campaigns, including monthly social media content.


  • Successful launch of the new brand, repositioning them using their existing assets
  • Since we began planning the social content we have achieved the following:
  • 166.7% increase in followers
  • 25% increase in page views
  • 41.8% more reactions
  • Goal conversion rates (web enquiries) are up by 127.10% since we updated the website

“The brand strategy has allowed us to get real clarity on how we want to be perceived and how we can grow our brand. We now have a brand that makes it really clear why we are different and why our customers should choose us. We Are Circle have created some incredible collateral for us to use. I would recommend We Are Circle to business owners hoping to grow their business significantly. If you want to improve your brand communications, they can make all the difference.”

Carolyn AtkinsonDirector, Sheards
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