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Brand strategy & market insight for More Kitchens


More Kitchens is part of the family-run Passmore Group with a heritage dating back to 1965. The company has a great reputation and a strong presence in the Yorkshire area. They launched More Kitchens as a standalone division in 2019 and the company has seen consistent growth based on offering customers a true ‘one stop shop’ for all their home improvement needs, with a company they can trust to deliver on service, experience and quality.

Following its initial success, More Kitchens was looking for significant sales growth and to become a leading player in the retail kitchen space. They wanted to increase brand awareness and be seen as the go-to kitchen company within its key locations (Leeds, Harrogate, Mirfield – West & North Yorkshire).


We initially worked with Passmore Group several years ago, improving their marketing processes and allowing them to acquire and convert more leads. We were invited back to develop the More Kitchens marketing strategy.

We followed the We Are Circle methodology using market insight and brand strategy so we could influence more customers to choose More Kitchens.


  • Developed, built and distributed a bespoke questionnaire
  • Sent to the existing Passmore customer base (existing clients and prospects) to understand existing perceptions of the brand
  • Led a marketing insights workshop for the senior management team
  • Analysed results which were then used in the brand strategy


  • Establish the brand vision
  • Created More Kitchens’ ideal customer persona – why they are, their challenges, values, objections and what we can do to attract, convert and retain them
  • Competitor analysis – how could we gain a competitive advantage in the competitive retail kitchen market
  • Brand values – what More Kitchens stand for and what customers should feel through every interaction
  • Brand purpose – the More Kitchens cause
  • Brand promise – what their customers should expect from choosing them
  • Points of difference – so we can create market standout and communicate why their customers should choose them
  • Brand personality – the brand traits they want to be known for
  • Brand archetype – the one defining personality type that all their customers will understand, making them ‘get’ and like the brand
  • Brand structure as part of the Passmore Group
  • Brand identity and tone to distinguish it from the competition
  • Brand touchpoints plan – how can we nurture customer through every stage
  • Created an Action Plan to deliver the expected results


The Passmore marketing team have been able to acquire, convert and retain more customers. Since we first worked together on their strategy back in 2016 they have achieved significant growth:

  • Opportunities (qualified leads) +225%
  • Orders +195%
  • Maintained a 1 in 3 conversion
  • Increased the average order by 40%

The More Kitchens marketing team implemented the following changes across their communications:

  • Increased emotional appeal throughout their comms
  • Updated their referral incentives and loyalty programmes
  • Strengthened their full customer journey touch points

Longer term, they also identified a new brand structure for the entire group moving from a house of brands to a branded house.

“The brand strategy and insight work we undertook with We Are Circle has enabled us to better understand our customers and reshape the direction of the business. You have helped us to develop a clear picture of what our customers want, then use the information to shape every element of our brand strategy to help increase engagement and generate sales. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to understand and improve their brand.”

Rebecca SilversHead of Marketing
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