Rebrand and major product launch for Medisoft

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Medisoft is the UK’s leading supplier of electronic records for ophthalmology.  Their EMR system provides hospitals with instant access to patient information from any location. They initially approached We Are Circle to develop a new brand identity to help bring its new flagship software product to market. It was crucial that they created a winning brand strategy to differentiate them from the new entrants within their marketplace. Additional projects soon followed including the rebrand of the whole organisation, a new website, marketing materials and marketing campaign execution.


The development of mediSIGHT, their new EMR product, began with a brand insight workshop with their staff. The workshop was used to identify key areas of differentiation, their brand values and brand personality. We mapped who we were targeting and what customer needs we were fulfilling. Next we created a number of possible brand identities and presented them to the team, along with the brand rationale behind each choice. This allowed the team to select the right brand identity for mediSIGHT based on brand insight, rather than personal preferences.

Following the success of mediSIGHT’s brand development, we also rebranded the whole company and worked with their chosen design agency in London to develop their new website, creating the brief and copy and meeting tight deadlines. We created a whole host of marketing materials including new stationery, templates for invoices and quotes, signage and event stands. We launched the new brand again via an email campaign at their annual event.

The new mediSIGHT brand identity was launched at their biggest annual event, using demos and a ‘tease and reveal’ email campaign. We also created an exhibition stand, rolling presentation and leaflet. We continue to support Medisoft year-on-year as their outsourced marketing team.


  • Successful new product launch
  • Enhanced credibility
  • Improved recruitment
  • Higher value contacts
  • Differentiating against the competition
  • Medisoft are number one in their market. They are used in over 80 NHS Trusts

“It is no understatement to say that Laura’s work has transformed Medisoft’s image.  Our improved corporate branding has immediately enhanced our credibility with customers, allowing us access to bigger customers and higher value contracts at a time when there has never been more competition in our market. We have evaluated the strength of our brand and the way in which our communications with customers and prospects reflect our corporate values, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive.”

Christian MartinManaging Director, Medisoft

“In particular, we have been impressed with the innovative solutions proposed by Laura and her team to challenges that we had almost regarded as intractable.  For example, in the course of a recruitment campaign for technical staff, Laura proposed a poster at Leeds station with a ‘3D barcode’, leading through to our recruitment pages.  In the first week of the campaign, we received 12 applications for roles that we had been failing to fill for months.

We are very demanding customers – our exacting standards must have been a real challenge for We Are Circle – but Laura’s relentless creativity and strategic ideas has never failed to hit the mark. We are already discussing our next collaboration, and look forward to working closely with her in the future.”

Christian MartinManaging Director, Medisoft

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