Writing powerful marketing messages in 10 simple steps

Once you have a clear strategy in place you will need to be able to communicate your offer to your audiences. We want it to compel them to buy, or take action.

Here are my top tips for writing powerful marketing messages.

  1. Concise: Keep it short. No longer than 15 words per sentence ideally
  2. Strategic: Communicate what makes you different
  3. Relevant: What does our audience need to know?
  4. Compelling: Ensure it is meaningful and designed to stimulate action
  5. Simple: Easy-to-understand language; avoid jargon and acronyms
  6. Memorable: Easy to recall and repeat
  7. Tailored: Ideally we should be able to adapt our messages to our different target audiences
  8. For them: Communicate what is in it for them and speak directly to the customer
  9. Emotional: Think about the negative and positive emotional triggers that would encourage someone to buy
  10. Prove it: Back up any claims you make with evidence that will give your buyer no reason to doubt it