Thinking of outsourcing your marketing? You’re not alone….

The latest figures show that more and more businesses are choosing to use freelancers.  According to a report by PCG, freelancers are contributing as much as 8 per cent of UK private sector output, with around 1.56million freelancers working in the UK.

Choosing to outsource key functions like marketing has numerous advantages.  Today’s businesses are faced with an increased need for powerful strategic marketing to raise awareness, retain existing customers and grow new revenue streams.  Yet many cannot afford to recruit a full time Marketing Director. With a lack of internal resource, time and skills marketing often takes a back seat. Mistakes are made, delays occur and costs spiral out of control.

Outsourcing your marketing to a skilled, experienced Marketing Director ensures your project is delivered on time, within budget and with the desired results. This has great advantages over traditional recruitment; reducing costs, increasing flexibility and eliminating people management issues such as poor performance, procrastination, time management, illness and stress. Outsourcing your marketing is the new way to create growth opportunities.

This is where Circle can help.  We work with you, just like an internal Marketing Director would.  We create and deliver your strategy, writing copy and project managing all your marketing initiatives – without any of the recruitment costs or wages of full time staff, in a fraction of the time.

You only pay for the time spent on delivering your projects.  Working remotely means no wasted time in meetings, gossiping with colleagues, or making coffees.  You only pay when we work.  Not for our overheads or fleet of company cars (we don’t have any). It’s a cost effective solution to making your marketing work.

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