The rise and rise of the outsourced marketing department

Many organisations are experiencing departmental and budget cuts whilst still requiring growth. This anomaly leaves organisations without the support required to succeed in a challenging economic environment.

In a declining economy the need for exceptional marketing comes into its own. Agility is key. Securing new revenue streams, opening up new markets and launching new products all require the best strategies and communications if you are to beat the competition. The requirement for growth lies squarely within the marketing department who are likely to be under resourced, with reduced budgets. In some cases there may be no marketing department at all.

As a business leader you are likely to want to do more with your marketing for less. The solution for many is outsourcing.

PricewaterhouseCoopers research has shown that top global executives believe they gain major competitive advantages from outsourcing. The research found that the greatest advantages gained were lower costs (76%), gaining access to talent (70%), farming out activities that others can do better (63%) and increasing business model flexibility (56%).

Outsourcing your marketing gives an outside organisation full responsibility for delivering your project, on time, within budget and with the desired results. This has great advantages over traditional recruitment; reducing costs, increasing flexibility and eliminating people management issues such as poor performance, procrastination, time management, illness and stress. Outsourcing your marketing is the new way to create growth opportunities.

This is where Circle can help. We work as your very own Marketing team.

Circle Marketing is different to a traditional agency as it is run by an experienced Marketing Director.   We don’t have lots of staff . We draw upon a pool of the best suppliers and partners (all built up over the past 12 years so that they are tested and trusted).   We manage all your marketing requirements from start to finish. We take full responsibility for delivering your project to satisfy your objectives.

Our clients get the very best delivery team for a faction of the cost. You pay for the fantastic work we do – not our overheads or fleet of company cars (we don’t have any!)

Don’t just take our word for it.  View our portfolio, results and testimonials.

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