Can smell really sell?

The Marketer Magazine has published an interesting article on smell that sells.  I can attest to the power of scent in marketing communications having used a scent in direct mail campaigns with amazing results.  We were inviting training managers to a Christmas themed seminar, all built around the concept of a Christmas Carol. What better way to evoke the feeling of Christmas than through the power of scent?  We achieved tremendous sales from a very low cost idea.

It’s something that can be used by businesses large and small, engaging your customers through every sense.  Yes, it can be used in retail outlets to great affect (have you ever wandered into a coffee shop due to amazing, artificial scents wafting out?) but you can also use it in direct mail campaigns to get noticed. The key is using scent alongside something relevant, like the Christmas event.  Think carefully about the feeling you would like the scent to conjure up.

Here’s a comment I received from a client who received the Christmas campaign

I just wanted to congratulate you on a fab marketing package! Credit where it’s due and in this day and age you’ve got to be different!! I ignore most cold calls/mail but wow…how could I ignore that!! I wish you every success with this campaign, you deserve for it to be a success.

Dawn Doory, Head of Brand Customer Service, Next PLC

Nike said that intent to buy increased by 80% in stores that used scent, with a laundry product doubling it’s sales through using it in their marketing materials. What could you do to engage all your customers senses?

You can read the full ‘Smell sells’ article here