Results: we love it when a plan comes together

I spend lots of time banging on about results.  What’s the point in spending your time and budget on marketing if its not getting you the results you desire.  Whether it be web hits, opportunities to see, new leads – whatever you want to acheive make sure you are measuring it.

Last week was a great week for results at Circle.  We launched a PR campaign for a brand new client People United Against Crime.  We gained their desired radio  and press coverage within a  couple of hours of the first campaign hitting news desks.  

The team at People United Against Crime were able to go on air to talk about their project, NS FRITS.  The campaign was launched to correspond with Vehicle Crime Awareness week and combined a regional and national release. Click here to download the radio coverage.  You can also view the article here.

We also launched a new email campaign for City Hypnosis in London.  The email campaign was sent to the top tier London companies, targeting HR & Benefits key decision makers.  Within one hour of launch the biggest drinks company in the world had been on the phone to arrange a meeting.  Another client, Theatre& had their best e-marketing results from their campaign with a significant increase in open and click through rates, using our new copy and design.  Brilliant!

Whatever you want to achieve from your campaigns, meaure, improve and amend every time.  It’s the best way to acheive your desired return on investment (ROI) and return on engagement (ROE).