How do you create your brand promise?

How do you create your brand promise?

A brand promise is the promise you make to your customers about what they should expect from working with you. Often used as your strapline, tagline, or slogan it’s the first thing that your customer will read about your brand.

It’s a short, simple, memorable way to explain what your brand is about and the value you offer your customers. It creates the initial perception of your brand. Get it right and your ideal customer will choose you.

This comes up time and time again as a key challenge for my clients, so I wanted to try and make it really simple for you.

The reason it is so challenging is that it can only really be done once you’ve created your whole brand strategy.  Develop your brand strategy and you’ll understand how to influence more customers to choose you. To do this you need to understand your ideal customers’ motivations, their desires and their fears. You also need to understand how your offer will give your customer what they need – what makes you different, how you help and what you do. Once you’ve got all this you can distil it down into a few words and hey presto!

It’s no shock that marketing agencies get gazzilions to do this. Get it right and it can make your brand soar.

Let’s take a look at some examples:

John Lewis – Never knowingly undersold

3 simple words that sum up their price promise, a reason to choose them above the competition. It also overcomes an objection for a customer entering their store and has been around since 1925.


Nike – Just do it

These 3 words were first used in a marketing campaign in 1988 that saw Nike’s market share rise from 18% to 43%  It conveys an action and is motivating. It makes us believe we can become an athlete too, if just do it (and wear a Nike shoe).


DeBeers – A diamond is forever

This famous brand promise was written in 1947. It’s much more literal than the others as it explains what they sell (this is something that small businesses often need to do). The campaign was created to help sell diamonds, and the engagement ring concept is said to have been invented off the back of this promise.


What could your brand promise communicate?

  • What makes you different
  • The benefits of working with you
  • The reason your customer should choose brand
  • The results your customer can expect
  • What you do

Ideally, it should also:

  • Use emotion
  • Be short and simple

How do you create one?
Think about your ideal customers:

  1. How do you make your customers lives better, richer, easier?
  2. Why do people need you, want you?
  3. Why would someone choose your brand over the competition?

Not sure, ask them!

You should now have some keywords. Include what you do, as it may be important to explain this if it’s not clear from your brand name. Put them on post-it notes, or into a document and play around with them. Use a thesaurus to explore alternative words. Distil it down into a sentence ideally no longer than 6 words long.

Then create a brand promise that is right for your business