What steps should you take to build your brand? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

What does your brand say about your company?  Is it communicating your true brand value?  Is it converting prospects into customers, or could it be losing customers by failing to clearly communicate your strengths and competitive advantage? It could be time for a brand evolution or a complete brand revolution for your business.

Your brand is about much more than the logo.  We use the written word (your marketing messages and copy), identity (your colours, images, typography, marketing) and people (how your staff communicate in person) to build a feeling about your company.  A potential customer will draw conclusions about your business within the first 30 seconds of looking at your brand.  Think about your brand experience through the eye of your customer.  They could be perceiving your brand through contact with your staff, evaluating your website, seeing you in the media, being handed a business card and so on. It is therefore essential to get your brand right through every customer touchpoint.

We work with our clients to firstly understand their position in the market – why customers buy and what would compel them to buy more. It is essential you uncover the essence of your brand and your brand values before deciding how you want your brand to look. Many clients get branding wrong by building an image that the MD likes, rather than assessing your markets needs. Getting it wrong can be costly, wasting time, money and losing clients.

What steps should you take to build the right brand identity? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

1) Brand discovery

Knowledge is power. Discover the truth about perceptions of your brand through brand insight and analysis. Brand insights can be gained through interviewing each of your stakeholder groups; your staff, customers and key influencers.

2) Brand proposition and messaging development

Develop a clear, concise, compelling message and communicate why your target customer should buy.  This message can be used across all your channels from sales to marketing campaigns.

3) Brand identity – a brand evolution or revolution?

Whether you need a brand refresh, or totally new approach create the right brand message and identity, rolling this out consistently across all your customer touchpoints.  From your website to the way your receptionist answers the phone, communicate your true brand value.

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