Brand Evaluation: Would You Invest in You?

Many business owners feel that their brand is ‘their baby’.  Just like your own child you would never be able to look impartially at it, or exclaim that is anything but beautiful.  You put blood sweat and tears into building your business so why would you invite someone to critique it?

Unfortunately, many companies waste money on developing a brand that the MD likes, only to completely miss the mark.  Your brand needs to communicate real value to your customer.  It needs to resonate with them creating an emotional response and ultimately encouraging your customers to work with you.

If you are undertaking a brand evaluation think carefully about your target market.  What need do they have and how do you fulfil it?  Be your greatest critic.  Look closely at your brand.  If you were a customer would you invest in?  What is about the brand that compels the customer to work with you?

If you can, gain an outside view.  Whether this is a short discussion to get the ball rolling, or like many of our clients choose to re-brand or develop a new brand with us, having a full brand evaluation pays great dividends.

Do it now, would you invest in you?