4 mistakes to avoid to make sure your customers choose you

Do you know that we make 35,000 conscious decisions every single day?

We are bombarded with choices. We live in a society overwhelmed with demands on our time. According to Ofcom we now check our mobiles every 12 minutes. So how do we ensure that once we have our customers attention, they choose us against a backdrop of all this noise?

Our brains work like computers. We are hard-wired to make decisions through associations.

Understanding those associations so that your ideal customers get you, interact with you, like you and choose you is where your brand strategy comes in. Your brand strategy shapes perceptions of your products/services so that your ideal customers choose you.

Your customers will not make a decision to purchase with a question in their mind.

To make sure your customers choose you, you must ensure your marketing communications are not leaving them with these 4 questions in their mind. If your customers are asking themselves these questions, they will not choose you. These are the 4 mistakes to avoid.

1) “Is this the same company?”

An inconsistent brand will confuse your customers. They will question their decision to choose you and move on to someone else. Consistency across ALL your brand touchpoints is a must. Whether it’s in person, online or offline. Do a quick audit – does everything you do and say represent your brand consistently? Is it creating the perceptions you want to convey?

2) “Can I trust them?”

Provide your customers with social proof. Reviews, testimonials, anything that will reassure them that they can trust you. Make sure your brand doesn’t include out of date information. Paint a picture of the results that you’ve achieved for people just like them.

3) “Do I believe them?”

Believability and authenticity are so important. We’ve all seen the social media adverts that look too good to be true and just don’t work. Make sure that everything you say and do is believable. Use real people where possible. Show your staff in your images, use videos to show the real business.

4) “What is in it for me?”

Communicate how your brand can help them. Speak to your ideal customer. Show you understand them and the challenges they are facing. Explain the benefits. Make sure they feel that this is for them and explain who it is not for.

Take a look at your brand. Are you making any of these mistakes? Are there unanswered questions? If so, make sure you answer them before your client moves on and chooses someone else. Avoiding these 4 mistakes will ensure your ideal customers choose you.

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