Everything we do begins with insight.

Insight allows us to understand why someone should buy your product.

It allows us to understand the opportunities, brand perceptions and what makes you different.

Gaining insight into your customer’s behaviours and motivations enables you to engage with them and deliver a product, or service, that they really want and desire.

Whether we work on your marketing or brand strategy, deliver a rebrand, or manage a specific campaign, we would always seek marketing insight. We do not believe that your marketing can be as effective without it. This is what makes us different.

How do we gain marketing insight?

  • Online & in-person workshops covering:
    • Marketing quick fixes
    • Brand strategy
    • Marketing strategy
    • Customer journey
    • Member journey & value
  • Customer, team and stakeholder online surveys & telephone interviews
  • Marketing analysis (using your marketing data)

Using We Are Circle’s unique marketing insights techniques will allow us to maximise results. We use this understanding to capitalise on what makes you different.

Take a look at some of the way’s we can get started working together.

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