We’ve worked with Physio First, the UK’s trade organisation for private physiotherapists, helping them to re-position themselves in their marketplace, achieve their vision, engage, convert and retain more members. We’d love to help you too.

Here are some of the ways we can get started:

The membership fix

This is a great way to try us out for size. We work on some quick-fixes, exploring your membership journey together.

Using online workshops we will:

  • Get clear on your target markets
  • Agree your ideal member persona
  • Map the member journey – from initial contact to joining and loyalty
  • Understand your member touchpoints at each stage of the member journey
  • Agree how your ideal member should be thinking, acting & feeling so we can get your messaging right

We’ll then produce a membership engagement action plan to help you gain, engage and retain more members.

The member value strategy 

We create a full member value marketing strategy that will reposition your organisation, attract, engage and retain more members. This member value strategy will get results and ensure you achieve your strategic aims. It features in-depth insight using member surveys (potential, existing, lapsed members), we also gain insights from your team and key stakeholders.

What’s included?

  • Member review – member analysis (including understanding your subscriber, conversion & retention rates), membership insights (member, team and stakeholder surveys or telephone interviews) & full marketing review
  • Objective setting – your vision, purpose, objectives & repositioning journey
  • Strategy – ideal member persona’s, membership value proposition, member journey, member engagement plan, brand strategy & marketing communications plan
  • Plan – action plan, budgets & key performance indicators


“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend We Are Circle if you want to change perceptions and undertake a strategic, insight-led brand transformation. Without We Are Circle’s direction this huge programme would not have been possible.”  

Pam Simpson, Chairman, Physio First

To get started and find out more book your discovery call today.

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