What’s your superpower?

What’s your superpower?


People buy people. We like to spend our time with people we like and respect. So there’s nothing more powerful than using your personal brand to reach more customers. Your ideal customers get a chance to interact with you, benefit from your knowledge and warm to you as a person.

There’s a huge demand for transparency and authenticity. We don’t want to buy products from a faceless organisation. Think of some of the biggest, most successful brands in the world – Virgin, Apple and Amazon, and you’ll immediately picture Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, and Jeff Bezos. We like to know the people behind the brand, even the huge global ones.

So your personal brand is more important than ever. It’s the key to building the business of your dreams.

You are the greatest asset your business has. Your knowledge, expertise and everything that makes you, you.

But how do you uncover the best bits of you so you can leverage your personal brand? It’s about uncovering your superpowers. The things that make you, you. The best version of you.

My suggestion is to ask 5 people who know you really well. This could be your family, friends, clients, colleagues. Text or email them and ask them to describe you. You may be surprised about the kinds of superpowers you uncover. We tend to be hypercritical of ourselves, so finding those little personality gems that others see in us can sure give us a boost.

Decide on the 3 most important superpowers. Write them up on a post-it note, display it on your desk and make sure you channel your superpowers in every post, video, image and campaign you create.

What are your personal values? Decide what you really care about and live and breathe them in everything you do. Your audiences will soon get who you are as a person. Building your brand is the art of becoming knowable, likeable and trustable.

A good friend of mine takes this one step further. She has an alter ego, Flamenco Frieda. Frieda is sassy, powerful, feminine and pretty amazing. When she needs her, she channels Frieda and brings forward the best version of herself.  Beyonce uses the same technique as Sasha Fierce.

Let me know how you get on at uncovering your superpowers. Be the best version of you.

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4 mistakes to avoid to make sure your customers choose you

Do you know that we make 35,000 conscious decisions every single day?

We are bombarded with choices. We live in a society overwhelmed with demands on our time. According to Ofcom we now check our mobiles every 12 minutes. So how do we ensure that once we have our customers attention, they choose us against a backdrop of all this noise?

Our brains work like computers. We are hard-wired to make decisions through associations.

Understanding those associations so that your ideal customers get you, interact with you, like you and choose you is where your brand strategy comes in. Your brand strategy shapes perceptions of your products/services so that your ideal customers choose you.

Your customers will not make a decision to purchase with a question in their mind.

To make sure your customers choose you, you must ensure your marketing communications are not leaving them with these 4 questions in their mind. If your customers are asking themselves these questions, they will not choose you. These are the 4 mistakes to avoid.

1) “Is this the same company?”

An inconsistent brand will confuse your customers. They will question their decision to choose you and move on to someone else. Consistency across ALL your brand touchpoints is a must. Whether it’s in person, online or offline. Do a quick audit – does everything you do and say represent your brand consistently? Is it creating the perceptions you want to convey?

2) “Can I trust them?”

Provide your customers with social proof. Reviews, testimonials, anything that will reassure them that they can trust you. Make sure your brand doesn’t include out of date information. Paint a picture of the results that you’ve achieved for people just like them.

3) “Do I believe them?”

Believability and authenticity are so important. We’ve all seen the social media adverts that look too good to be true and just don’t work. Make sure that everything you say and do is believable. Use real people where possible. Show your staff in your images, use videos to show the real business.

4) “What is in it for me?”

Communicate how your brand can help them. Speak to your ideal customer. Show you understand them and the challenges they are facing. Explain the benefits. Make sure they feel that this is for them and explain who it is not for.

Take a look at your brand. Are you making any of these mistakes? Are there unanswered questions? If so, make sure you answer them before your client moves on and chooses someone else. Avoiding these 4 mistakes will ensure your ideal customers choose you.

If you need help with your brand strategy contact us today.

What do you need to do to get your marketing data GDPR ready?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is here. Its aim is to dramatically increase the control individuals have over their personal data, so it affects all UK companies, big and small.

From May 2018 it is a legal requirement for all businesses to have the correct GDPR regulations in place. Get it wrong and you could face fines up to €20 million or 4% of a company’s global annual income, whichever is greater.

If you’re unsure whether or not GDPR applies to you, consider how regularly you deal with personal data – that includes present and past employees and suppliers, not just customer data. If you handle data then you should comply with the new GDPR rules. Read more

Physio First is shortlisted for best association website

We are delighted to announce that Physio First’s new website has been shortlisted for a prestigious industry award. The Association Awards, organised by the Association of Associations Executives, raises the profile of association executives globally and gives them the recognition they deserve for their effort and success. Physio First’s website has been shortlisted for Best Association Website. The winners will be announced at a Gala dinner on 17th November in London.

The website was developed to be the main communication vehicle for Physio First’s new market position. This followed a period of insight gathering and strategy and a total brand transformation.

We Are Circle reviewed and selected the right web development partner, project managing the design, development and content. We selected web agency Pixl8 and also worked with Physio First’s MRM partner MTL. This also included leading the copy development, working with a professional copy-writer from Pages Creative.

Take a look at the website here:
Read the full case study. Take a look at the shortlist.

Good marketing copy: to capitalise, or not to capitalise?

Anyone who has worked with me will know I spend a lot of time creating powerful marketing messages. One of my biggest bugbears in copy is the overuse of capitals or Title Case. There is a trend in business writing to turn words into capitals, making the word sound ever so important.

The problem is, it doesn’t. It also isn’t grammatically correct. What’s worse, it makes it much harder to digest the information. With so much noise in the marketplace, it is essential that your customers can quickly and easily digest your marketing message. If not, you may well lose them. So please, no more capitals.

So your headings should not be in capitals. Those products that aren’t really products, they shouldn’t be in title case, departments definitely not, anything you are trying to make seem important, please beware. Unless it’s a proper noun, place or person it shouldn’t be in capitals. If you are just not sure leave the capitals out.

Here’s what the most influential newspapers say about the overuse of capital letters.

Read more

Wow, we’ve been busy. A round up of the past six months achievements

What a start to the year we have had. It’s been our busiest six months to date. Here’s what we have been up to…

We have created a full brand transformation for Physio First, the membership organisation for private physios in the UK. It’s been the biggest project we have worked on to date. Combining 30 projects including strategy, web, print, social media, video, email and more. We worked across a large decision-making unit, with multiple agencies and suppliers to make it all happen. Take a look at what we have achieved here.

Responsive membership portal website

We have delivered a marketing strategy for transformational business change experts Step5. First we used insight to craft a new strategy, then we created all their new comms and  a new website. This month we launched a new service – cybersecurity.

S5-WebScreenMedisoft is the UK’s leading supplier of electronic records for ophthalmology. We have worked together for several years developing their communications and their new brand, mediSIGHT. We launched it to market in May with a new brochure, event stand, stationery, new website pages, a rolling presentation and email campaign.

6pp folded leaflet

Our estate agency client Wm Sykes & Son, celebrate their 150th anniversary this year. We developed a heritage brand and we are currently working on their plans which includes a charity ball in the late summer and a special history booklet.

150 year anniversary logo

We created revamped the website designs for accountancy firm Jolliffe Cork, working with their agency Practice Web. The image-led site uses real-life images of staff and clients, taken in a professional shoot.

New website

Following the development of a diagnostic report for bathroom and home improvement retailer Passmore Group in conjunction with Morgan Agency, we have been working with their marketing team to help them implement their plans. This has included the development of a full customer value optimisation plan using lead magnets and online marketing.

We developed a marketing strategy for our longest-standing client, Theatre& and supported them with an advertorial, leaflets and emails.


And much, much more.

What do we do? Take a look

Wm Sykes shortlisted for marketing campaign of the year

We are delighted to announce that our estate agency clients, Wm Sykes & Son, have been shortlisted for two prestigious awards. The Negotiator Awards are recognised as the Oscars of the residential property industry. Wm Sykes have have been shortlisted for two awards; ‘Yorkshire and The Humber Agency of the Year’ and ‘Marketing Campaign of the Year’. We are particularly pleased about their recognition for marketing campaign of the year, which is for the strategy, rebrand and marketing transformation programme delivered by We Are Circle. Since launch they have grown their market share to 15.5% and have gained 51 more new instructions than their closest competitor. They are now number one on the market by a long stretch.

The 2015 Negotiator Awards received its largest number of entries in its history. 360 entries from estate agents, lettings agents, property managers, auctioneers and industry suppliers from every part of the UK entered the awards. The winners and finalists will be revealed at a gala awards dinner on November 3rd at The London Hilton on Park Lane.

Take a look at the shortlist here.

Read the full Wm Sykes & Son case study here.

TNA15 Shortlisted

Laura & Bryony featured in the Yorkshire Post



We Are Circle’s Managing Director, Laura Pegg, is the only accredited Watertight Marketing Consultant in Yorkshire. Check out the coverage in the Yorkshire Post here.
Laura & Bryony in the Yorkshire PostJoin Bryony and I at Leeds Business Week on 13th October, 12 noon.  Bryony will be running a highly practical one hour workshop ‘Tweak your Marketing Leaks. Double your Profits”. To book your place click here 

Watertight Marketing

Boost your profits. Improve your 13 Marketing Touchpoints Leaks™

A ‘touchpoint’ is every interaction a potential customer has with your brand.  Touchpoint Leaks™ occur when your marketing is not aligned to capturing a customer at every stage of their buying journey. Having these leaks means you may lose a potential customers. They will simply go elsewhere, not notice you, remember you or stay with you. The key to boosting your profits and achieving sustained growth is assessing all your touchpoints against the 13 Marketing Touchpoint Leaks™.

Laura Pegg, We Are Circle’s Managing Director is a fully Accredited Watertight Marketing Consultant and can assess your business against the 13 Touchpoint Leaks™. If you are not planning your marketing activity to support every step in your customers buying decisions you may be losing profits. What’s more you will not be allowing your marketing activity to achieve the highest ROI.

The 13 Marketing Touchpoint Leaks™ is a concept created by the award-winning marketer Bryony Thomas and author of the Amazon best selling book Watertight Marketing. Below are Bryony’s 13 Touchpoint Leaks™.

Read more

Watertight Marketing

Laura becomes an Accredited Watertight Marketing Consultant

A Bucket Load of Marketing Expertise Comes to Yorkshire

– Award-winning marketing methodology available to local businesses from September –

Laura & Bryony with bucketSmall to medium businesses across Yorkshire now have a local Watertight Marketing Accredited Consultant in Laura Pegg. Laura is now counted amongst only ten people to have reached the strict criteria to join the country’s only network of quality-assured independent marketing consultants.

The network is run by Bryony Thomas, the multi award-winning marketer and best-selling author of ‘Watertight Marketing’. The network was launched in early 2014 to reassure business owners that they are engaging a consultant that can deliver genuine, high quality, fairly-priced strategic marketing advice.

Accredited Consultants are also the only people fully trained and licensed to use the powerful Watertight Marketing methodology, captured in the book. Read more