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Business confidence dramatically falls across Yorkshire. A wake up call for Sleeping Beauties…

The latest findings from the Quarterly Economic Survey published by the Leeds, York & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce and Leeds University Business School (Q3 2011), show that Yorkshire businesses have experienced a significant fall in business confidence . There has been a 33% drop in organisations that believe their turnover will increase in the […]

Can smell really sell?

The Marketer Magazine has published an interesting article on smell that sells.  I can attest to the power of scent in marketing communications having used a scent in direct mail campaigns with amazing results.  We were inviting training managers to a Christmas themed seminar, all built around the concept of a Christmas Carol. What better […]

Brand Evaluation: Would You Invest in You?

Many business owners feel that their brand is ‘their baby’.  Just like your own child you would never be able to look impartially at it, or exclaim that is anything but beautiful.  You put blood sweat and tears into building your business so why would you invite someone to critique it?

Is there an advert that really drives you mad?

For me, it has to be the Halifax latest adverts.  When I hear the ‘Isa, Isa baby’ tune and watch the annoyingly awful advert it really makes me grind my teeth.  I have to reach for the remote and switch the channel and have pondered the thought of personally contacting the Halifax’s Marketing Director to […]