Insight allows us to understand market opportunities, internal & external brand perceptions, the competitive landscape, your differentiators and much more.

Gaining insight into your customer’s behaviours and motivations enables us to better engage with them and deliver a product, or service, that they really want and desire.

Whether we work on your marketing strategy, deliver a rebrand, or manage a specific campaign, we would always seek marketing insight. We do not believe that your marketing can be as effective without it.

How do we gain marketing insight?

  • Customer, staff and stakeholder questionnaires
  • Telephone and 121 interviews with key staff and customers
  • Brand workshops to uncover your brand values, traits, positioning and points of difference
  • Marketing & communication strategy workshops
  • Competitive landscape analysis and research
  • Financial analysis
  • Customer data trends analysis
  • Market analysis
  • 13 Marketing Leaks™ Assessment

Using We Are Circle’s unique marketing insights techniques will allow us to maximise results. We use this understanding to capitalise on what makes you different.

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